Antibodies (Project Zomboid Mod)

Antibodies mod expands vanilla zombification mechanic by adding antibodies curve which is loosely based on real-life immune system response. If antibodies overtake the infection, the character will slowly recover. Although I really like the idea of a butt-clenching zombification threat, I can’t say I like the way it is implemented at the moment - a single RNG roll that decides whether you live or die. My aim is to create a scenario in which you have to `up your game` to have the chance of survival. It is meant to be hard, but fair (like the rest of the game mechanics).


The first M&B game was released in 2008, and in 2014 we got remastered version subtitled Warband, which featured many improvements to the original game.


I love this game so much I had to record very hard intro sequence, as kind of tribute. Actually I had to do this sequence couple of times, due to recording problems. Oh well. If I ever feel like I have to much time (not likely) I will do very hard longplay or something.

Daggerfall Unity Vampiric Options

So I got to playing Daggerfall Unity and because I got annoyed with two vampire-character issues present in the vanilla game I made a small mod. And yes, I know I don't get to see my character that much, and I can use console cmd to sate the hunger, but that really ruined my immersion ;-) So this mod solves both of them (see mod settings). Anyway I hope this might help some of you as well. Thank you for re-creating this wonderful game, so I and many others can enjoy it yet again!

Darklands Review

Darklands is sandbox RPG for MS-DOS released in 1992 by Microprose. If you haven’t heard about this company, it was co-founded by Sid Mayer. They have released many interesting titles, but X-COM and Civilization series are probably the most known.

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